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smartnoise is the equivalent of creative design and marketing theory having a baby. We aim to drive your sales, increase your pool of clients and be truly unlique and memorable.

We are collective minds and intelligence, striving for the common goal to a continuous progress to create captivating images and words for your business. We believe in people, shared knowledge and learning. Working with you means to really listen and combine personality, marketing research and design to form an intrinsic part of the unique character of your company.

What´s more? We respect our clients and the world we live in by doing our part for the environment. Working with us means that you will do your contribution too, with no hassle or extra costs involved. Ask us how!

Hubert Grzesiek

I like media, like it a lot. I also like working with people and delivering something that they are proud of. 

I’ve been playing with forms of design for 11 years now. First in the Uni where I got my MSc in Computer Science and then in London working for a number of clients. I’ve ended up in Barcelona because I think that this city like on other is focused on design. 

There was always one puzzle missing – marketing. No matter how great your design is if no one heard about it. 

Luckily Christine has heard…


Christine Gneuss

My ambitions to pursuit my interest in marketing rose from my first agency work, while I was studying for my Bachelor degree in Brisbane, Australia. I was lucky to get involved in 2002 when social networks first emerged and researched early on the possibilities that could arise for businesses. My studies and work brought me to Spain and Belgium, where I completed my MBA and also started pursuing my Doctoral degree in Business Administration, with SEO being my focal point.

I was lucky to have inspiring mentors throughout my travels and finally work with Hubert Grzesiek. Smartnoise allows me to help companies grow the way I always aspired. 

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