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that last year 110.000 people looked for the keyword combination “photographer london” on average every month? 8,100 looked for “international school berlin”, just as many for “dentist barcelona” and 12.100 for “baby-sitter paris”? Imagine YOUR business was on the first page for something that people sought for some feverently as you can see here. Ask us about the popularity of YOUR industry and set up a free first meeting.*

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is a science that deals with increasing the ranking of a website. It is important to weigh off the benefits of paid advertising versus a long term organic strategy to find out what the best fit is for you. Christine Gneuss has been holding seminars since three years to university students, guides hands-on workshops and is the responsible for the SEO efforts and packages for our smartnoise clients.

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(Limited to five requests per month, due to our workload)

*They say nothing in the world is free, but this is.

We will find out five potential keywords for free that are suitable for you, offering the number of average searches per month (as you can see in the first paragraph).

So what are keywords good for? Did you know that there are 6,600 searches monthly for the term “dentist Barcelona”? 4,740 listings are shown under this keyword. If you were a dentist, how do you get to the top of all this competition and get exposed to this vast amount of potential clients? People often believe that you have to pay a lot of money in order to get there. Yes, you can start a pay-per-click campaign to draw people to your site. However, your content, URL, title and other factors can help you to rank highly in Google.

If you have an online shop, selling jeans internationally, this keyword search can help you to find out whether brand x is more popular than brand y and whether there is a lot of competition for this word or not. Hence you can work on the brand that offers less competition online and build on that.

In order to give you the best possible keywords, you need to fill in this form – otherwise the results will be to superficial. We are done within 2 working days and might need fifteen minutes of your time for a Skype or phone conversation, in which we will explain to you why chosen keywords are suitable and what other things those keywords reveal.

No commitment or pressure, we are happy to help.

Website SEO tips report with practical implementable ideas for your webdeveloper or yourself €149

This 4-5 page report is easily understandable for the layman and designed to enlighten you about how to improve your current website in order to rank naturally higher in Google (without advertising). The content is organized into tables, so your solutions are easily identifiable, making the report quite handy.

Among the most important factors to rank highly on Google are high visitor numbers, links to your site from sites relating to your products or services, relevant keywords within your content and relevant meta-tags, which all will be explained within the document and tailor-made to your companies´scenario.

SEO Packages – Starting at €199 p/m

We have seminars (also online available), and practical reports (above), yet you have no time to implement them yourself?

For €199 we converse with you and arrange an agreed set of keywords. We follow with a set-up of your internal website SEO and arrange an agreed amount of time that goes into external SEO or Social Network management. The arrangement will be continued monthly and will be tracked by Google Analytics that we can also install for you if you don´t already have it.

Minimum months of commitment are four, after which you can cancel the arrangement with one months´notice.